Wedding Package Add ons

£50 Iphone & Ipod Movie. Share and relive those special moments from your wedding day on your Iphone or Ipod. We can provide a highlighted version of your film straight onto your Iphone or Ipod.

£75 'From the Start Movie'. Chronicle your relationship leading up to getting married. We use Photos from your time as a couple before the wedding to create a photo film. This is accompanied by a song of your choice. We will put this as an extra feature on your Wedding DVD

£75 Honeymoon Movie. If you take any footage or photos on your honeymoon we can edit it and put the movie as an extra feature on your final wedding DVD. 

£45 Highlights. A short film of your wedding day. This will last up to 5 minutes with a song of your choice taking in the very best parts of your day. Idea for quickly showing friends and family when there isn’t time to see the full feature. This will be included as a feature on your main DVD

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